Why A Fabric Mask?

 ✔Vibrant all-over print designs

All our face coverings are created using cut & sew sublimation to ensure your designs come out flawless

✔Washable & reusable fabrics

We use high-quality materials and industry-leading printing equipment to ensure your designs look crisp for a long time

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, we lack protective masks to distribute to the entire population. Otherwise, the entire population would have masks, as this is an effective and proven means of fighting contagion. 

Certified masks (surgical or FFP2) should therefore be reserved for the caregivers and public service agents responsible for protecting you, so that they can continue to carry out their mission to the maximum extent possible.

However, you must protect others from your saliva droplet which may contain coronavirus (even if you do not feel sick). This is why the State has put in place the 5 barrier measures. There is a place for a sixth effective barrier measure: the anti-postillion screen. In other words, an alternative anti-postillion mask, with collective aim, home-made, with fabric, paper, plastic... Before the arrival on the market of these alternative masks, it is a pity to do nothing and let the contagion increase. This is not a personal opinion, but - as you will read below. Some countries even go so far as to prohibit "uncovered nose and mouth" (Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia...).

Furthermore, after phase 3 of the pandemic will come phase 4 (return to normal), where it will be necessary to continue for a few weeks the "containment of noses and mouths" to prevent a new epidemic on the territory. Cloth masks will once again have their place, and it is now time to start wearing them!

These anti-contamination shields are reserved for non-care givers.

WARNING: Wearing an anti-contamination screen does not in any way replace the containment instruction or other barrier measures (social distancing, etc.), but can reduce your power of contagion when you have to go out for necessary activities (because the reality is that social distancing is sometimes complex between 2 supermarket shelves...).